Being an Intuitive Eater and Drinker / Stop The Boredom Drinking / A Lapse Is Not A Collapse

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I wanted to offer you a first time ever opportunity to buy 3 of my most popular mini-programs.

  • Being an Intuitive Eater and Drinker. This program is for those who want to train their mind and body to fine-tune their relationship with food as well as alcohol. Whether it’s curbing the late night snacking or the hangover hungries the next day. This program tackles these issues and more. It’s a Double Whammy opportunity for change.


  • Stop The Boredom Drinking. The habit of drinking as a form of entertainment can be a big issue for many. This hypnosis program shows how to train the mind and body to tune out of automated boredom drinking and into a calmer and more fun space. It’s a great tool to build sober solutions rather than reaching for that drink.


  • A Lapse Is Not A Collapse. This is one of my most important programs. It helps those drinking blips that can happen from becoming a big deal. The hypnosis tracks help you dust yourself off, get back on your drink less horse and enjoy healthier drinking ways.