What you will learn in Day 1 of the Program:

  • Your introduction to the program, what it is and what it can do for you.
  • Why I decided to create Drink Less Mind.
  • Why do we drink too much?
  • The unconscious mind and emotional habits.
  • The physical body, anxiety and endorphins.
  • The power of hypnosis to make positive change.
  • Moving on from the past.
  • How to use the MP3 audio files.
  • Aim to drink half of what you are drinking.
  • Units measurements The Truth.
  • Conscious tools, sipping slowly, put the glass down.
  • Consciously becoming more aware of enjoying what you drink rather than gulping down.
  • Are you actually thirsty?
  • Losing your tolerance to drink as much alcohol.


The first Hypnotherapy Track is 25 minutes in length. A sampling of that audio is below and is 5 minutes.

Please note you will need to be lying or sitting somewhere warm and safe.  Please consult your doctor before listening to this recording. 

Day 1 Talk

Day 1 Sample Hypnosis