Georgia Foster

Day 2 : Introduction of Voice Dialogue theory

  • The Intuitive Healthy Confident Part
  • Why The Inner Critic develops
  • How alcohol suppresses the inner critic then wakes you up in the morning!
  • Now it is time to change your Inner Dialogue!
  • Introducing The Perfectionist
  • The All or Nothing syndrome
  • Being vigilant, diligent
  • Good at being really healthy all week, etc.
  • Good at Alcohol Free Days
  • The Bell does not ring
  • Introducing ‘The Pleaser
  • Very good at running around looking after everybody else
  • Doesn’t have the ability to say the word ‘No’
  • Poor communicators because they are scared of being rejected, can get into some sticky situations when they drink because they drink to please other people
  • Need to be assertive. Some people don’t like it when pleasers become assertive because they can’t get away with bad behaviour
  • Attracts bullies


Please note you will need to be lying or sitting somewhere warm and safe.  Please consult your doctor before listening to this recording. 

Day 2 Emotional Drinking Chart

Day 2 Drinking Personality Quiz

Welcome to your second talk and self-hypnosis recording.

To best enjoy this I recommend that you find somewhere safe and warm and just take a few minutes to relax before beginning.

You can choose to listen through speakers or headphones whichever you find the most comfortable.

Sometimes you may find yourself drifting off to sleep and that is fine, all of the words will be absorbed by your unconscious mind.


Day 2 Talk

Day 2 Hypnosis