Georgia Foster

Getting Started with the Mobile App

About the Mobile App

This mobile App was designed with students in mind – giving you a way to take your learning with you, wherever you go. With the Mobile App, you will be able to view the learning products you are enrolled in, take courses, participate in communities, and more! 


Basic Navigation

If you have not already installed and logged into the app,  please do so.



The first screen you will see when you log into the app is your home screen. At the top of this screen, you will see the name of the school you are enrolled in, and your profile icon (on the top right-hand side).

What you see beneath the school name and profile icon will depend on what kind of learning products you are enrolled in.

If you are enrolled in Courses, you will see:

  • Your top three courses: these will be sorted in the order of last accessed, with your most recently accessed course first on the left.

If you are enrolled in Communities, you will see:

  • The latest posts from all of the Communities you are part of: these will be sorted in order from newest posts to oldest.

If you are not enrolled in any products, you will see a message that says “We don’t see any learning products with this account yet. Check if your email is correct and if you’ve enrolled by visiting our website“.

  • If you see this error, double-check that the email address you used to sign in to the Mobile App is the same email address you normally use to sign in to your account.

At the bottom of your home screen, you will see four tabs:

  • Home
  • Learn
  • Communities
  • Notifications


The Home tab is your main page and the page that you will see when you log in to the app. You can click this tab at any time it is visible while you are in the app, and it will bring you back to your main home page.



The Learn tab is where you will find a list of courses available to you, sorted by the order of most recently accessed.

Here, you can search for the course you want to access by using a search function or by filtering courses by categories.


For more information on how to navigate within your courses, what the Mobile App Course Player looks like, and what course features are supported, check out this article: Courses in the Mobile App (Student Resource)



The Communities tab is where you will find a list of communities available to you, sorted by the order of most recently accessed (if you are enrolled in multiple communities). If you are enrolled in one community only, you will see spaces and posts of that community.


For more information on the basics of communities on the Mobile App: where to access your communities, how they work, and how you can use community features, check out this article: Communities in the Mobile App (Student Resource).



The Notifications tab is where you will be able to view all of your community notifications, such as:

  • When a member is added to a community
  • When an Admin creates a new post
  • When someone mentions you or a member in a post
  • When someone comments on you or a member’s post
  • When someone replies to your or a member’s comment



Your Profile

In the top right-hand corner of your home screen, you’ll find your profile icon. Click this icon to:

  1. View your basic account information (your profile picture, first and last name, and the email address you use to log in)
  2. Open the web (browser) version of Thinkific to view or edit your information. Specificially to:
    1. Make any changes to your profile
    2. Change your password
    3. View your certificates
  3. Learn more about your school and contact your instructor:
    1. Email your school’s support
    2. Review your school’s privacy policy (if available)
    3. Review your school’s terms of use (if available)
  4. Learn more about Thinkific:
    1. Report issues with the app
  5. Log out