Alcohol Free Days


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Here’s What You’ll Get with Alcohol Free Days

25 Minute Hypnosis Recording ($129 Value)
Please use this recording at any time of the day. Some people like to listen to it in the morning after they wake or in the afternoon or when they go to sleep. I suggest listening to it whenever it suits you. Just ensure that you are lying or sitting somewhere warm and safe and make sure your neck is fully supported.

Remember you don’t need to consciously hear all the words. It is actually very difficult to concentrate for that length of time.
It is very normal to fall asleep too. Some people find that when they listen in the morning they are more alert, whereas in the evening they are a little bit more sleepy.

These recordings are designed through 22 years research and hypnotherapy to rewire your brain and eliminate the connection between alcohol and its endorphins release.

1 Hour Subliminal Recording ($67 Value)
You can’t hear the words on this subliminal recording but your unconscious mind can which is great news.

I find the subliminal recording is best used while sitting at your desk, cooking or chilling out at home. It’s also good to listen to it while you drift into sleep too.

5 Minute Hypno Blast ($27 Value)
If you don’t have time to listen to either of the 25 minute or 1 hour subliminal recording, this is a perfect recording for you.

This short recording is a booster moment that can flip any challenging drinking urge to go away within seconds!