Drink Less Mind Maintenance




Would you like to maintain your Drink-Less Mindset more easily, while keeping your mind Fit and Healthy?

Here’s what you’ll get with Mind Maintenance:

  • ​NEW hypnosis audio recordings every month
  • ​NEW motivational videos from me, to keep you inspired in many amazing ways
  • ​24/7 customer support
  • ​I AM AlWAYS available to answer your questions
  • ​TOP TIPS to keep you emotionally strong, because sometimes life throws crazy curve balls
  • ​REGULAR updates on general health and well-being that I feel YOU would like to know about
  • ​EXCLUSIVE membership area to access all of your recordings
  • ​TARGETED hypnosis not just about drinking less but also general emotional well-being
  • ​CONTACT each month to let you know the latest hypnosis audio recording is ready